Smart+Shield - Panic Bars

  • Battery or mains powered
  • Automatic alarm switch-off (after 30 sec. or 180 sec.)
  • Two different audible levels (75 dBs/ 95 dBs)
  • Delayed alarm to ensure that emergency exit doors do not stay open
  • Silent alarm in combination with a central alarm system
  • Connections are provided to allow connection to remote systems
  • Visually effective deterrent


The SMART+SHIELD offers a simple cost effective solution to the mis-use of emergency exit doors. Adopting the universally recognised “no entry” sign, the SMART+SHIELD is a visually effective deterrent which is supported by an acoustic security alarm of 95 dBs.

The SMART+SHIELD has been designed specifically to secure emergency exit doors. It is completely self-contained and is easily installed and protecting emergency exit doors in seconds.

If lightly pressed, the SMART+SHIELD for panic bars will trigger a pre=alarm which is silenced upon release. If the panic bar is pressed fully, the main alarm resounds, the pins of the upper plate breaks and the the trigger angle falls downwards.

The SMART+SHIELD is also available for application with panic bars, push bars and multipoint locking systems. Whilst most of the features are identical for each of these applications, the SMART+SHIELD for panic bars and push bars have an integrated pre-alarm. Ultimately, in the event of an emergency, means of escape can also be obtained by exiting via the emergency exit door.


 Dimension: 200 mm width, 60 mm depth

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